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Bob Parker

Bob Parker was diagnosed with prostate cancer 14 years ago after his doctor told him prostate cancer screening was “pointless.” He didn’t let that deter him, and sought out screening on his own; the result was a Gleason 7 prostate cancer diagnosis. After speaking to several physicians about his treatment options, he was told surgery was not an option for him and he needed to pursue radiation. Bob didn’t let that stop him either, and tackled treatment the same way he’d tackled everything else: head on.

For the next nine years, he underwent intermittent hormone therapy and in the interim, a scan done at the Mayo Clinic revealed that his cancer had spread to his lymph nodes and the base of his spine. He then added androgen depravation therapy to his treatment plan, and continued to remain positive despite the side effects of the treatment.

Prior to having his last treatment in 2018, Bob traveled more than an hour and a half each way to Santa Fe, New Mexico from his home in Taos for chemotherapy. Now for the good news: His most recent PSA came back under one and a recent PET scan revealed no evidence of cancer.

With a strong will and even stronger attitude, Bob decided to enroll in ZERO’s Decode Your Prostate Cancer program to receive additional information about the molecular profile of his cancer so that he and his doctors can better see what treatment options are available based on his exact disease. As he waits for the results of the study, Bob knows that it will reveal additional pathways his doctors may not have considered before.

Bob remains a mentor for other men on their prostate cancer journey, and has attended ZERO’s Annual Advocacy Summit to tell his story to elected officials to ask for increased prostate cancer research funding. He won’t give up, no matter what life throws his way.