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Bob Evensen

When Bob’s father, grandfather, and two uncles were all diagnosed with prostate cancer, he knew that he had to be vigilant about his health. Though he had no symptoms to alert him to his condition, Bob was diagnosed nine years ago at the young age of 39, just 60 days after his own father’s diagnosis.

I am a walking testament to early detection and the benefit of education and awareness.

His initial PSA revealed a level that his primary care physician said was normal, but because of his experience Bob thought it was high and went to see a urologist. He was diagnosed following a biopsy shortly after. Bob credits his early diagnosis with awareness; after the men in his family were diagnosed, Bob was vigilant because he knew he was at greater risk.

Though his cancer was aggressive, it was caught early. Following his surgery, he was fortunate not to experience many side effects from his DaVinci procedure. Now cancer-free, Bob is a second-year Run/Walk participant in Salt Lake City and does everything he can to spread awareness about prostate cancer. With two sons who are also at risk, he wants to do the best he can to help ensure all men are educated and aware of the need for testing. When asked what he’d tell men, he said: “Just get screened, damn it.”

If we can save just one man, educate just one group of local men about prostate cancer, that’s why events like the Run/Walk are important. I was fortunate enough to be aware that my family history meant I was at increased risk, and I want to help educate other men in my community.