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Rose Mills & Luis de la Vega

My dad lost his courageous, 4-year battle against prostate cancer on February 22, 2018. Since then, so many memories of my dad have come flooding back. There are a ton so it’s really hard for me to pick just one! But what I think about when I try to pick a favorite memory is the type of person my dad was. It’s the kind of man he was that created so many memories for me. You see, my dad was gracious, understanding, kind, never angry, and always positive. He was a gentle man but he was also “Strong Like Bull” (the nickname we gave him). He taught me the love of sports, baseball and football being my favorite (he loved the Chicago White Sox), taking me to my first baseball game at the old Comisky Park; he gave me his brand new car to drive down to Florida during my college spring break one year (I still wonder how he convinced my mom to approve that!); he would drive down to Purdue to pick me up from college when I just wanted to come home, even for a night; he bought me my first car, he flew to NYC to pick up that car when I got a company car for a new job; he picked me up from the airport every time I would come home to visit (from NYC) and drove me back to the airport at 4am on Monday mornings so that I didn’t have to leave on a Sunday if I came home just for the weekend; and he would drive me to high school in the mornings instead of me having to take the 6:59 am school bus, giving me a little more time to sleep in because he knew I was working the night before and would come home to study before finally falling asleep. Even towards the end of his life, my dad would make me lunch or dinner whenever I came to visit, and always sent me home with the leftovers so ‘you have food for Jeff (my husband) too’. I mean, what kind of man does that? A man who is generous and loved his daughter to the ends of the earth. He has forever left a mark on my heart and in my life. And so with my dad in my heart, I will always honor him and keep his memory alive by continuing my dad’s fight against prostate cancer, and do what I can to help those families continue their fight!

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