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Michelle Horseman & John ‘Jack’ Hoffman

In the summer of 2017 I took a cruise with my family – mom, dad, aunt and uncle. My mom, aunt, dad and I stopped at Senor Frog’s just to see what was happening. At the time we were there it was pretty quiet. My dad (like usual thanks to prostate cancer) had to go to the bathroom. On his way back to us at our table (needing to cross the dance floor to get to us) he started dancing to the song playing. The MC saw it as his opportunity for a show and a 79 y/o father, husband, and brother with aggressive prostate cancer and on his 2nd or 3rd clinical trial in place of chemo gave them one. He danced and smiled and was every bit the entertainer and fun-loving person everyone who knows him would expect. I was fortunate to get video of this and I treasure it as well as all of the pictures from that vacation. On January 25, 2018, my dad had a severe stroke the doctors say was caused from a-fib as a result of the cancer. This on top of being hospitalized for 3 weeks in December 2017 with double pneumonia proved to be too much for him to battle back from and we lost my dad in the early morning on February 2, 2018. I look at pictures and smile then cry then smile. He wouldn’t want his family and friends to be sad but when someone with a personality bigger than life passes they leave a huge positive imprint in your life and heart and a big gaping hole. Even in death my dad teaches me and helps me…I was able to use that story to emphasize being carefree and joyous to a father & daughter learning a choreographed fun routine to dance at her wedding. While my dad isn’t physically present anymore he will always be a positive impact in my life.

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