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ZERO360 is a free, comprehensive patient support service to help patients and their families navigate insurance and financial obstacles to cover treatment and other critical needs associated with cancer.


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ZERO Patient Emergency Fund

Financial barriers are the #1 cause of patients not receiving the health care needed to fight their diagnosis.

Can you imagine hearing the dreaded words “You have cancer” and then finding out you cannot afford your treatment? This is the reality for more prostate cancer patients now than ever before.

With prostate cancer diagnoses on the rise this year, it is critical to make sure financial support to access lifesaving treatments is available to those who need it most. You can be part of the solution to help patients in need. Your gift today will provide personalized assistance to help patients access resources to cover treatment costs and other expenses.

ZERO connects patients and their families with case managers to provide comprehensive patient support in managing the practical and personal challenges of prostate cancer. These services include financial aid, insurance navigation, emotional support, screening and enrollment, and more.

Each day spent with prostate cancer is a fight. I’m grateful to you for helping make sure a case manager is available to assist me every step of the way.

- Rallie Settles, Patient

Affording costly treatments are not the only financial barrier that prevents access to health care. Many patients struggle to find or pay for transportation to and from their doctor’s appointments. Now when most of the country is feeling the pain at the gas pump, patients are experiencing extra stress as they strain to cover trips to treatments while also meeting other basic needs.

You can help remove one of the most common barriers to cancer care. Don’t let transportation costs prevent patients from getting the treatments they desperately need.

Your support today will help to bridge the gap between racial and health disparities in prostate cancer among Black men. Did you know that predominantly Black zip codes are 67% more likely to have a shortage of primary care physicians? This is why ZERO’s patient support programs are so critical in providing access to healthcare to the communities and patients that need it most.

No patient should choose between financial ruin and lifesaving treatments and support. Make a gift to the Patient Emergency Fund to ensure patients in need can receive personalized assistance to navigate their prostate cancer diagnosis. Where you live, the color of your skin, or the size of your paycheck shouldn’t be what determines whether you get quality care in a cancer crisis.

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