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ZERO Research Fund

Somewhere in America today, a young researcher has an idea that will lead to the end of prostate cancer. At ZERO, it is our responsibility to make that vision a reality. Join us to create Generation ZERO, the first generation of men free from prostate cancer.

ZERO Research Fund

This year alone, more than 164,000 American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, and about 29,430 will die from the disease. These men deserve more effective prostate cancer treatments – new treatments that can save and lengthen lives and improve the quality of lives. By creating our own research fund, ZERO directly supports cutting-edge research that offers the best return on investment, with a track record of expediting life-saving treatments from the laboratory to patients. In the past year, we’ve invested more than $120,000 for the following promising research:

Improved Methods for Early Detection at UC San Francisco

Through the Jim Lafferty Memorial Research Grant, the ZERO Cancer Research Fund granted $79,900 to UC San Francisco for the purpose of researching new and improved methods for early detection of prostate cancer by Peter Carroll, M.D., M.P.H. The grant was made possible through a partnership between ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer and Shining Down, a nonprofit founded by Jennifer Lafferty and Tamara Wyman in memory and honor of Jim Lafferty, who lost his battle with prostate cancer in 2010 at the young age of 40.

Dr. Carroll’s research includes developing a low cost mechanism to ensure men diagnosed with low risk disease that immediate treatment is not necessary. He proposes to do this at substantially lower cost when compared to commercially available genomic classifiers – a technique that can be done in almost all pathology laboratories around the world.

Targeting Gene Activation at Oregon Health & Sciences University

The ZERO Cancer Research Fund also granted $60,000 to Oregon Health and Sciences University for the research of Dr. Joshi Alumkal, focusing on targeting gene activation in late stage, or castrate-resistant, prostate cancer. This research specifically targets a new type of androgen receptor (AR), the engine of prostate cancer cells, called AR-V7, for which there is currently no available treatment. This research will lead to new drugs to treat men whose prostate cancers have AR-V7.

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