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The most impactful event in the movement to end prostate cancer
February 26-28, 2023

2020 Bold for Blue Awards

On February 23, 2020, we’ll rolled out the “blue” carpet at the Bold for Blue Award Ceremony in celebration of the outstanding men, women, and families who have made a bold impact in the fight against prostate cancer. The award ceremony was held on the first night of the ZERO Summit.


The Bold for Blue Awards recognize ZERO Champions who have the greatest impact in the fight against prostate cancer with their fundraising efforts. From the teams and individuals who participate in the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk series, to the folks who host their own do-it- yourself (DIY) events locally, and those who participate in our annual Grow & Give campaign, we applaud you for being Bold for Blue!

New to 2020 are the Impact Awards – these warriors were nominated by members of the ZERO Community for their passion, drive, and ultimate impact on our mission to end prostate cancer. The winners of the first-ever Impact Awards were:

  • Dr. Randy Kam of Bakersfield, CA, is a Stage IV prostate cancer patient who has run more than 150 marathons wearing a bib that draws attention to prostate cancer awareness; 
  • Stan Rosenfeld of Marin, CA, has spent two decades leading a support group for men with prostate cancer, ultimately changing the lives of more than  1,500 men; and,
  • Joseph Musumeci of Woolwich Township, NJ, who also leads a support group that encourages men to open up and share about their disease experiences. 

Our 2020 Impact Award Nominees were: Valerie Donahue, Maureen Ferguson, Dr. Peter Fisher, Mark Good, Chris Hartley, Dr. Randy Kam, DeMetrius Kee, Christine McMillan, Joseph Musumeci, Dr. Scott Owens, Stan Rosenfeld, Mike Rotz, and Susie Schlernitzauer.

Three honorees also took home Legacy Awards on Sunday evening. Legacy awards are honoring those who have shown passionate commitment and dedication over many decades of service to the prostate cancer community.

  • The Nikituk Family of Manassas, VA were honored as the original “ZERO Champions” — the family has ushered in a new era of patient advocacy and awareness in loving memory of husband and father, Paul Nikituk, who was lost to the disease. Another Legacy Award winner,
  • Urology of Central Pennsylvania (UCPA) in Harrisburg, PA, has raised more than $1M for men and their families in its decade-plus annual ZERO Cancer Run/Walk. These funds have been used to support research, provide free testing and educational materials, patient programs, and more in the Harrisburg area.
  • Wade F. B. Thompson was honored posthumously for creating ZERO’s  Drive Against Prostate Cancer. Thompson donated two mobile clinics and funding for a program that resulted in more than 130,000  free prostate cancer screenings around the country.

Winners of the fundraising awards raised money for men and their families through ZERO’s various fundraising programs — the national Run/Walk series, endurance program, DIY, Grow & Give, Tee-Offs, and more. Here are our Bold for Blue Fundraising winners: Andrew Zweig Ripple Run, Baird, Boston Scientific, Bunch O Nuts, Curdy Army, Dodge the Digits, Fight for Ferg, The Forsburg 40, Mark & Teresa Good, Harrity & Harrity, New Jersey’s ZERO Champions, Pepe’s Peeps, Hops & Handlebars, Pfizer, Bob O’Pen, Run for a Life, Soaring Eagle, Team Angus, Team Frednecks, Team Ham, Team Nikituk, Team Sheffler Strong, Tee-Off to End Prostate Cancer – Atlanta, Team ‘This One’s for Terry’, and Michelle Yancey.

For more information, view ZERO’s 2020 Bold for Blue Awards Program.