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by Amanda Singer   |   December 5, 2017

So You’re Getting Married and You Want to Give Back

I’ve been talking about my wedding here in the ZERO office for a year, and about a month ago it actually happened. While I was planning the shindig I wanted to find a way to give back and honor my dad, who lost his battle with cancer several years ago. Conveniently, weddings offer a few great options!

ZERO has an easy-to-use platform that’s wonderful for giving back while planning your wedding. Create a DIY page and encourage guests to donate in lieu of gifts or in addition to your registry! Facebook also offers the option to create a custom fundraiser, with all proceeds benefitting ZERO’s fight to end prostate cancer. Include either link on your wedding website under “Registry” and your guests will easily be able to help fundraise for a cause you care about! This option is perfect if you’ve been living together for awhile and already have all the housewares you need.

There is also a simple way to do so on the day itself: Use the money you would spend on favors and donate to your favorite charity! My husband and I made cards for all of our guests to explain what we’d done, and all of our guests raved about it.

Photo: Laura Napoli Photography

We chose two charities: one that meant something to me in honor of my dad (ZERO), and one that was meaningful to my husband. In lieu of miniature wine bottles or Jordan almonds for our guests, we’re making donations to both charities to help men battling prostate cancer and families in need. We loved the idea of being able to spend some of our wedding budget to help those that most needed it.

However, that isn’t the last way you can give back for your wedding: don’t forget the honeymoon! In case you were wondering if ZERO employees are always raising awareness of prostate cancer, the answer is a resounding yes. In this case, it was worldwide – 4,625 miles to the Amalfi Coast, to be exact.

While taking photographs we ran into an older couple from the U.S., who inquired about what we did for a living. I replied: “I work for a prostate cancer advocacy nonprofit. Have you had your PSA?” I expected a confused shake of the head, but what I got instead warmed my heart.

The husband exclaimed: “Prostate cancer! I get my PSA checked every year! I’m so glad there are folks helping us men keep track of our health.” It was wonderful to know that this man – more than 4,000 miles from the work I do every day – knew not only what his PSA was, but also that he had to keep an eye on it.

Later my husband remarked that he had “no idea” we’d be talking about prostates on our honeymoon. To which I replied, “Of course we are! I’m always talking about prostates.”