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by Jamie Bearse   |   April 12, 2017

Why ZERO: How It All Adds Up

“You’re just going to tell everyone you’re a bunch of zeroes?”

That was the first question posed when we proposed naming the hub of organizational action against this terrible disease, ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer. The atypical nonprofit name and a seemingly pivot away from the traditional prostate cancer awareness blue, on the surface can be head-scratching. But it’s all purposeful.

But Why?

It’s simple. All of us – everyone impacted by prostate cancer – would rather be anywhere else. We all want amazing, vibrant, healthy lives. But to get there, we need zero. Zero deaths from prostate cancer, zero prostate cancer cases, and for those fighting prostate cancer who constantly must monitor the prostate-specific antigen in their blood, it means a zero PSA.

Blue is traditionally the awareness color for prostate cancer. At ZERO, we flip the premise by having a red logo. Using red, complements the prostate cancer awareness blue by representing the passion and the willingness on behalf of patients and their loved ones to take bold action to achieve zero and stop the pain and suffering.

The journey to ZERO is an incredibly daunting task. It takes awareness and passion but most of all, it takes a heart-felt conscious commitment to reach out a hand to those battling the disease to help them up and on their way to that amazing life ahead where they, in turn, will also be inspired to pay it forward.