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by Shawn K. Supers   |   January 27, 2017

Sign-Up, Show-Up, and Share

One of the primary challenges many nonprofit organization face is how to have the most positive impact for the lowest cost. Savvy donors and supporters look to a nonprofit organization’s cost to raise a dollar, scrutinizing every dollar spent, but rarely, if ever, have I heard anyone share how supporters can help contribute to that goal. There are three things that every cause supporter can do to help their organization of choice make the best impact on the cause: sign up, show up, and share.

  1. Sign Up
    Do it online and do it early. Contrary to popular belief waiting until the day of an event to register onsite so that you can pay cash and thereby save your nonprofit organization credit card processing fees is simply not true. In the long run it costs more and here’s why: someone has to staff registration tables, collect your registration information in writing, convert that information to an electronic database, and then take your cash or check to the bank, followed by a mailed paper letter that you should receive for your tax purposes.
    Register online! It is quick, easy, seamless, and saves your organization a lot of time and resource investment. Registering early also helps your organization more accurately plan for the proper amount of race shirts or food and drink and thereby reduces excess costs from unused supplies. Register Now for a ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk in your area!

  2. Show Up
    When you sign up to volunteer be sure to actually show up! Your organization is counting on you to help them deliver a project or experience to the community that you want to support. An average of 40% of volunteers do not follow through on commitments they sign up for.Volunteering is an awesome way to support your favorite organization. Here at ZERO we are looking for a few good interns, Run/Walk committee volunteers, advocacy champions, and community outreach and education leaders.

  3. Share
    Champion your cause with a click—lots of them! Help fundraise by starting a team, sharing it, and also provide sponsorship referrals. Create a fundraising page to share your story, educate by including disease facts, and absolutely post messages and share photos on all of your favorite social media channels. Family, friends, colleagues, neighbors – engage your network to make a difference! #endprostatecancer