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by Charlie London and Jack Rubenstein   |   June 17, 2020

Pumped Up for Prostate Cancer

Our grandfathers play a huge role in our lives. They are our mentors, biggest advocates, and some of our favorite teachers. Some of our favorite things to do, like being outside and staying active through activities like fishing and camping are best enjoyed with our Grandpa Gary and Papa Sim. We love them so much, and can’t imagine our lives without them.

But about a decade ago, these men we love so dearly were almost taken from us because of prostate cancer. Thankfully, for both of them, the cancer was caught early enough and they both responded to their treatments well. Unfortunately, many men aren’t as lucky. So many grandsons just like us lose their beloved grandpas to this awful disease. It became obvious to us that we had to do something to help all men and families.

From an early age, our grandpas inspired a love of fitness in us. With them, we’ve honed our competitive edge in sports like basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, distance running, and too many others to count.

But in order to stay involved in sports, we must stay healthy and fit! So, to do that we became frequent users of online workouts. These were quick, easy ways to keep up our skills and move our bodies. Eventually, we had a dream to start our own online workout program, and make sure that it helped fuel a good cause.

Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight are proven ways to help prevent prostate cancer. What better way to help bring awareness and prevention efforts to this disease that affects 1 in 9 men than through a workout program? We started sharing our workouts on social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and titled them JandC Workouts. Each day, we do workouts together (that we created!) and post tips and tricks for our followers. We make these workouts easy and accessible for beginners – and we promise they’re enjoyable too! With June being Men’s Health Month, there’s no better time to add a new workout to your routine.

Now that by participating in a JandC Workout, you’re helping save the lives of men like our grandfathers, and giving grandsons like us more time with the men we love! Plus, you’re helping families like us spread awareness and education opportunities. After all, because of the genetic link of the disease in our family, we’re at a double risk of prostate cancer. We know this, but we’re not scared. We have amazing organizations like ZERO on our side, and are doing what we can to prevent cancer by staying healthy and active.

We encourage all readers (regardless of gender!) to join in a custom JandC workout! Donate $15 dollars and post a picture or video of yourself doing one of our workouts to get a custom t-shirt! Donate by June 21 to receive this limited time deal in honor of our amazing Grandpas! All funds raised will go to ZERO, and will support ZERO’s direct patient support programs, that are right now providing immediate financial and emotional help to patients and families impacted by COVID-19. Amazing, right? YOU have the power to help make a difference!

Donate at: https://justgiving.com/fundraising/jack-and-charlie-workouts or www.zerocancer.org/jackandcharlie

Follow online at: https://www.instagram.com/jackandcharlieworkouts or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4qkknl0msLdBiKkZcuchgg

Send us a note at: betsy.london@gmail.com

Our Father’s Day workout is great to do together with a partner like your dad, which is what we did! Find it on YouTube today.