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by Steve Hentzen   |   February 27, 2017

Why is Prostate Network at #ZEROSummit2017

Prostate Network is a survivor-led, volunteer-powered, not-for-profit, impassioned support group focused on helping men deal with issues related to Prostate Cancer. We are there for our fellow men and their families when they are facing prostate cancer. We are there to support men by hosting support groups, to advocate for the cause, and to educate men about their disease. We are there to help advance medicine for a cure, and to help lobby our government for funding to help drive these issues toward a cure in our lifetime.

We believe that we are stronger together, and along with our various partners, such as ZERO, we work to help bring about the fulfillment of the goals of support, education, advocacy, funding, and a cure. Really, we are all a part of the Prostate Network. We invite everyone reading this blog to travel along this road with us, just as we travel, daily, along the road with all of the men that we meet who have prostate cancer.

So why do we want to join ZERO at the Summit? Because it is the most righteous thing we can do to accomplish our goals. We want the people across the country who are trying to cure prostate cancer to have all the tools they need to reach that goal. We want the people, locally, who are running trials and research to have the full support of ZERO and our government in their work. People all over this land are counting on us to lobby for their best interest and the Summit is the perfect forum for this.

Why would partnering with ZERO be the best way to reach our goals? Our missions are intertwined, and the Prostate Network has believed, from the beginning, that we are all stronger together. We believe that leveraging our local network at the federal level strengthens both of our efforts. Plus, ZERO has a proven track record of success.

Do we have expectations for the Summit? You bet we do. We want to let our elected officials to know what we need from them in the fight for a cure. In order to do that we also need to meet with and learn from our fellow leaders in the fight against prostate cancer.

We may be from Kansas City and we may be relatively new to the fight, but pugilists we are and we don’t back down.