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by Emily Sybrant   |   March 30, 2020

Prostate Health – Education is Key

There are many ways that ZERO partners with the community to spread awareness. Whether that be teaming up with a local prostate cancer support group, partnering with a urology practice to host a Run/Walk, or empowering survivors to share their story at local tabling events, the ways are endless. Here is just one story of how ZERO is teaming up with the community to make a bigger impact.

In Kearney, NE there is a doctor who has a goal of reaching more men and wants to be able to offer his patients and the community better prostate cancer resources. Dr. Garrett Pohlman is a board-certified Urologist in a busy private Urology group in the Midwest. Every day he is helping men in diagnosing and managing their prostate health issues. Since finishing Urology residency training in 2013, he has already treated over 4,000 men with various prostate conditions.

How can men and those who care for them better educate themselves regarding prostate health, the conditions that affect the prostate, and the latest technology in managing them? Dr. Pohlman decided to answer that question by starting the Prostate Health Podcast. On a weekly basis he will be chatting with experts, innovators, and leaders in the field of Urology – sharing useful information with the general public to improve their lives and increase their overall health.

One of the special quests that will be featured on the new podcast will be ZERO’s fearless leader and CEO, Jamie Bearse. ZERO was invited to sit down and have a conversation about the resources ZERO offers patients and caregivers, including our ZERO360 navigator program, the MENtor program, and ZERO Connect. Jamie will also be talking about the initiatives ZERO is leading on the State and Federal level for prostate cancer.

It’s so important to Dr. Pohlman to give patients every bit of information they need and want. So in addition to his weekly podcast for patients and caregivers featuring leaders in the prostate cancer realm, he is also bringing ZERO’s resources into his clinic to offer to his own patients.

To end prostate cancer, it’s so important to be united and work together to not only change lives, but to one day create generation ZERO, the first generation of men free from prostate cancer. Thank you Dr. Pohlman for all that you are doing to spread awareness and knowledge. Thank you for embracing ZERO so that we can too can be a united force.