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by Jamie Bearse   |   October 7, 2019

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month – All Year Long

Zach stood next to his dad, Ed, and draped his arm around his shoulders and beamed a smile as Ed – nicknamed Snuffy – got his ZERO Hero hat at the Boston ZERO Prostate Cancer Walk. 

Keeping families together is what Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (PCAM) is all about and the month was filled with adventures and special moments like the one shared between Zach and Ed. 

Because of you and your dedication, the impact we generated and the relationships built among families affected by prostate cancer saved countless lives through awareness, early detection, and research while bolstering the spirits of the men in the fight right now. 

It was the most ambitious PCAM in our history. 

Together, we hosted a record-breaking 21 run/walks from coast-to-coast in just 30 days while raising nearly $2.5M in September alone. Personally, I was lucky enough to visit with some of our champions and participants in Boston, northern California, Iowa, Maryland, and central Pennsylvania. 

We also hosted our very first ZERO Cancer Day to raise awareness and funds to help patients. Thanks to our donors, we held a triple match on September 24 and met our goal as the staff turned my beard blue for the cause. On social media, we were inspired by Laurel Philibin and the story about her husband John, and we were educated by our medical partners like Dr. Nilay Gandhi from Potomac Urology. 

Our champions asked for more awareness kits to educate their communities more than ever before, we launched our first Podcast: Prostate Cancer Uncensored by hosting Washington Wizards Color-Analyst Glenn Consor, and we managed the largest attended webinar in ZERO’s history by focusing on prostate cancer sexual health and reducing side effects. 

Thanks to our advocacy team and our champions who attended meetings with elected officials in their hometowns, we launched two critical initiatives in how we make strides toward zero prostate cancer deaths:

      1) A bill that would enable those at high risk of prostate cancer to be tested without paying out of pocket; and
      2) An effort to coordinate the efforts of our agencies of government to work closer together to research the disease and help men who need help the most. 

I’m #ZEROProud of each and every person who stood up, laced up running shoes, captained a team, volunteered at the crack of dawn, talked to their elected officials, and stood in front of thousands you didn’t know to bear your soul and tell your story so no one else has to suffer. Spreading awareness about the devastating impacts of prostate cancer is not just for September, it’s a year-round calling. To be part of our shared-cause and growing efforts, we need you now. Get involved!

Can we count  you in?