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by Joe Bantz   |   September 28, 2018

Prostate Cancer Awareness in Iowa

As the first wave of 263 Japanese aircraft approached Oahu on December 7th, 1941, two privates detected its presence on radar and notified their Lieutenant. Unfortunately, the officer confused the report with some U.S. bombers that were expected to be arriving from the same general vector. Radar technology was new, so information was sketchy … and early warning was ignored. The results, as we all know, were disastrous.

Prostate cancer is like that. The technology exists for every man to gain insight into the health of his prostate…but we need to utilize the simple PSA blood test and interpret the results with wisdom and insight. It’s a matter of awareness.

I remember just 18 months ago the pride that kept me from embracing the simple checks necessary to monitor the health of my prostate. As a man, I didn’t want to be reminded of my weakness, or subject myself to “that test.” I did it anyway – and discovered my cancer before it could do real damage.

Increasing awareness of this issue is so important. That’s why I participated this week with Governor Kim Reynolds in the signing of a proclamation emphasizing the importance of simply getting tested and becoming aware. Governor Reynolds, as always, was courteous, caring, and kind as she greeted us and proclaimed September as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

It’s funny – one year ago I participated in a 5k fun run to raise awareness for getting tested for prostate cancer – unaware that my own fight would begin a few weeks later.

On Saturday I run again – with my wife, my sister, three daughters, a son-in-law, and others who care about me and this disease. My 4th daughter is in school out east, and is recruiting 9 other Academy cadets to run a 5k at the same time, to honor the ten Bantz men that have had prostate cancer.

Join me in promoting education and awareness – there are ZERO Prostate Cancer 5k runs around the nation in the coming weeks, which are fun and easy ways to spread the word.

And men – get checked!!


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