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by Shawn K. Supers   |   June 24, 2019

Love for Mankind: A Timeless and Universal Force In Us All

In the Torah, the fundraiser is compared to the heavens and stars because they have infinite opportunities to make a difference – by connecting donors to needs.
Because living with purpose means being of service to others.” – K. Sula

I have always been proud of my work as a fundraiser but WOW, what a refreshing – and sacred – look at fundraising and development this teaching from the Torah provides. What an honor to think of my daily calls, emails, and meetings as holy. While I don’t often think of my work in terms of the sacred, lately I’ve heard from ZERO supporters who thank me for “doing God’s work.” Our patients especially share how grateful they are that ZERO was able to be there for them at the most critical points in their battle with prostate cancer.

The word philanthropy comes from the Greek philanthropia which simply means love of mankind. The word has evolved over time but from our earliest days, human civilization has depended on the kindness directed towards strangers. It is universal to take care of each other – across time and all cultures. For a look at the fascinating history of giving click here.

It is through the kindness and generosity of our donors that we have been able to raise nearly $30,000 so far for ZERO’s Save a Man campaign to support men fighting prostate cancer. The funds we raise go towards our ZERO360 navigation service – a free, anonymous program for men who need financial assistance, emotional or mental support or even help navigating insurance claims. Our donors are helping guys like Jay. A grandfather in his 70’s, Jay was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was scheduled to begin eight weeks of radiation treatment, but could not afford the associated costs required by his insurance company. He was in limbo until our donors stepped in and helped. Because of our supporters Jay was able to get the financial assistance he needed to cover some of the costs of his treatment. Our donors made sure he was not alone in his fight.

There is still time for you to contribute to ZERO’s Save a Man fund – in fact a very generous donor is matching all contributions through the end of June which means that your gift will be doubled! Together, we can reach more men that need our help at the time when they need it most in their fight against prostate cancer. Let’s show our love for mankind and offer our support to our brothers!