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by Vanessa Petersen   |   October 30, 2017

Inspiration and Hope Fills My Email Box

One of my favorite things about being ZERO’s California Chapter Director is the connection I make with patients and their families. I love receiving heart-warming emails like this from Sarah Barron. Sarah’s father, Pete Miramontes, was diagnosed back in November of 2016.

“Vanessa, I thought I would share this with you. Here is a video and here is what we posted on our Facebook pages:

“If you’ve been following my Dad’s journey there is NOTHING normal about it. On August 4th he had a stroke, on the 5th he had brain surgery, and on the 9th he had a colostomy surgery. Last month he was put on hospice. Now he is OFF HOSPICE, going to start on immunotherapy next week, and check this out… he’s walking! It’s nothing short of a miracle. God is good. My dad is talking, telling stories, and now walking! How awesome is this! #TEAMPETE! He has gotten so much encouragement and prayers from ALL OF YOU! Thank you and keep on praying!”

With this, my dad is coming to the run/walk. He will be pushed in his wheel chair and he wants to walk the last ten steps over the finish. His motivation for this is to encourage other men to know their PSA.

Not only will you see our whole family there, you will see my dad!!”

Seeing Sarah’s family with her dad Pete at the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk – Sacramento will be a HUGE highlight for me. To Team 4 Pete and all the other families fighting prostate cancer, you are my inspiration. We will keep fighting together. Please keep me posted – your messages make my day!