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by Jamie Bearse   |   February 2, 2017

A Ground Hog Day Conviction

Welcome to Journey to ZERO – a new blog where we’ll share patient stories, insights from medical professionals and the ZERO team, and calls to actions to create Generation ZERO – the first generation of men free from prostate cancer.

A man dies every 20 minutes from prostate cancer. New reports predict a jump of 610 more prostate cancer deaths in 2017, and there are significant reasons for this statistic, but at ZERO, we’re fighting back.

A September study by the American Medical Association say doctors spend only 27 percent of their workdays with patients. When it comes to prostate cancer, there isn’t a one size fits all method of treatment. Patients need a navigator, someone to cut through the red tape of understanding health care, find resources for financial help, and plan a personalized attack on their cancer. If you’re diagnosed and have questions, we have the answers. ZERO360: Comprehensive Patient Support is open and here for you. Absolutely free.

Always confidential.

Nearly every medical journal reports that about one half of all cancer patients stop their treatment. The most significant factor is financial toxicity. What is it? Not being able to balance your treatment costs with every other necessary expense in your life. Too often, someone who has worked hard and stayed on top of all of their bills is hit with a cancer diagnosis and forced to choose between prescription drugs and putting food on the table.

ZERO is fighting back. We’re premiering a Patient Impact Grant program this Spring to help patients keep the lights on, get peace of mind, and focus on getting well.

As fewer tests are available to men nationwide due to the concerns with overtreatment, more men remain in the dark about the state of their health. Don’t get tested because you might get unnecessary surgery, is a current warning from some in the medical community. But they’re missing the point. Men have the right to know, so they can explore all their options and make informed decisions with their doctors.

Prostate cancer is entirely survivable when caught early. Knowing your risk, understanding your PSA score, and taking steps to identify aggressive cancers before treatment even begins is the path to saving your life.

Today’s Ground Hog Day! And as much I love Bill Murray, Let’s not repeat the same day over and over. My conviction is that we will end prostate cancer together. How do we do it?

  1. Tell someone – 99 percent survive when prostate cancer is caught early
  2. Ask questions – We’re here. The light is always on. We’ll figure it out together.
  3. Register for ZERO news alerts – Be the first to know when our Patient Impact Grant program is available and other news.

New treatments and diagnostic methods are key in the journey to ZERO. Cures ain’t cheap. Keep fighting; we need you. Your passion, leadership, and willingness to reach out and pull others into the journey to ZERO. You are not alone!