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by Daniel Handlos   |   April 4, 2017

Give Long and Prosper: Giving Through Your Employer

Fighting prostate cancer takes commitment, and that’s exactly what we love to see from our donors. A popular way of making a long-term commitment to a charity is by giving through a campaign at your place of work, whether through the Combined Federal Campaign for federal workers, the United Way, or through other public and private campaigns.

Jeff Messner is one donor who’s showed this commitment. He works for SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, and he’s been giving to ZERO via SunTrust’s United Way campaign since December 2014 after prostate cancer impacted his family. This is what it takes to win the fight against the third leading cause of cancer death in men.

Charitable giving to organizations like ZERO is tax deductible, so what’s not to love? Making this type of difference is easy: you can work with your employer to set up a monthly or quarterly donation to ZERO via paycheck deduction. In fact, many employers offer this option! You’ll receive a receipt with your donation, allowing you to lower your tax burden today. Donations even add up over time – a $500 gift might seem like a lot as a whole, but that comes out to less than $20 per pay period for an entire year. Suddenly, that gift seems really doable. After all, you don’t make it to the heavyweight championship in a just one day – it’s all about the long-term commitment.

Here’s where the “and prosper” comes in – some employers will make your dollars go even further. Many companies will match your donation dollar-for-dollar, while others will give you 50 cents on the dollar towards the charity of your choice. Now that $500 gift spread out over one year becomes $1,000 of support for ZERO’s fight to end prostate cancer. It’s just that easy!

Find out if your company is eligible here. If you don’t see your company on this list, why not get your employer involved? We can help you with that, too!

Workplace giving makes donating easier and your donations go further. Talk with your employer today about what they can do to help you lead the fight against prostate cancer! You never know: maybe they’ll want to live long and prosper, too.