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by Scott Meeks   |   July 11, 2019

Five Questions with Mary

ZERO is excited to have Mary Crutchfield on the team! She’s our new Marketing Production Assistant who hails from Louisville, Kentucky and is absolutely obsessed with ANYTHING mid-century modern.

Here are five questions we asked Mary so you can get to know her better.

We know you’re awesome – but tell our ZERO Community what you bring to the table.

All new employees take personality tests to help us understand our coworkers and how to best work with one another. My strengths are positivity, empathy, adaptability and communication which work well in my support of the Marketing team as well as helping round it out.

What’s your connection to prostate cancer?

My father-in-law was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. What’s been quite difficult is watching him, in some ways, ignore the symptoms and hope it goes away. I realize that’s something many men may do, and I don’t want that for them and their families. ZERO and it’s programs can be THE DIFFERENCE in men’s lives.

What will you be diving into first here at ZERO?

Even though I started as a volunteer and have worked part-time since the fall, those responsibilities fell within the Operations Department. I am now switching over to Marketing and absolutely loving it. From finding content, updating our website, to posting to social media, I’m jumping into it all. 

What fun things do you do outside of work?

Over the last few years I’ve enjoyed bargain hunting for the perfect mid-century modern piece to replace items we’ve owned for 30+ years. Slowly our home is becoming truly ours. My husband and I are almost empty nesters and we are just figuring out how great this can be! Funny how a restaurant check for a party of two, verses six, is much more affordable!

What’s in your Hulu queue right now?

Lumping into the mix Amazon Prime, Netflix and HBO Now — “Three Identical Strangers”, “Hairspray”, “Friday Night Lights” (it’s been on my list forever), “Saturday Night Live” (of course), “Office Space” and my absolutely fave “Midnight in Paris”.