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by Sarah DeGeorge   |   January 6, 2021

Finding Inspiration to Complete Goals in the Wake of Stage Four Prostate Cancer – A Daughter’s Perspective

Sometimes, you just have to continue to strive for new goals and experiences to keep yourself going.

That is what I realized when I saw my dad over the years continue to push through his prostate cancer diagnosis, originally back in 1999.

The doctors would tell him not to plan beyond five years which for someone as young as I was at the time, ended up being a scary thought knowing my dad would not be around long enough to see my prom, graduating from school, and finding a career.

My dad had other plans though and he did get to see all of those moments and we continue to share experiences like running the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk together (among other 5K’s), traveling with my mom, and enjoying each other’s company.

Sarah and her father Eugene DeGeorge, ZERO’s South Jersey Run Walk

The focus has always been on what my Dad’s next adventure would be, which is why when his diagnosis was moved to stage four a few years back, he would complete his bucket list item to be a published author.

Two stories, both originally drafted and written in the 70’s and 80’s (on a typewriter) were just waiting to be given life and my dad decided that would be his next focus. He edited, asked for feedback, and worked on getting these two items to print.

DeGeorge Family

Now, Reaching the Plateau and Until Tomorrow exist, one-part bucket list item and one-part legacy to share another part of my Dad’s journey. These stories mean a great deal to my dad and are important pieces because they had been items he wrote decades ago that just came to light within the last few years.

Sometimes, goals fall off, but our health and life can bring us back to a point of wanting to complete tasks we have put off—a reminder that the time is always now.

His story is one that I hope inspires others that have been diagnosed with prostate cancer that it is something that needs to be tended through the treatment in which you decide but that you should never give up hope. Had my dad decided five years was it, he would have missed many parts of my own life, my mom’s, his beloved cat’s–past and present, and writing his books.

Find inspiration in my dad by following his authors journey on his Facebook page and read other amazing stories posted in the Journey to ZERO Blog series.