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by Kathy Costigan   |   December 29, 2017

Why We’re So Excited to Open the Mail

We’re super excited when we receive a gift here at ZERO – when someone stands up to say they are dedicated to helping men battling prostate cancer – because it means we can say ‘yes’ to more patients. Our hearts soar with celebration. All because you are so generous.

With one slice of a letter opener, we will be able to do more, to help more men. When we open the mail (or our email) and find that it’s a donation, we can tell men like Chas – facing metastatic prostate cancer with three young children – that we can help. When we hear your words, they are words of hope, words telling us that you don’t want one more man to suffer a prostate cancer diagnosis. This week, we heard from Sarah who dedicated a gift to her dad. Sarah knows that we’re so dedicated to the special men facing prostate cancer and their families. We know there IS hope, and thanks to our generous donors, you are helping bring that hope to more men, and bringing new treatments to give them more time.

This is all thanks to YOU.

Every 20 minutes, another American man dies from prostate cancer. Of the millions of men living in the world, about 2.9 million of them have been diagnosed with the disease.

When you donate to ZERO, your gift helps those men.

Your gift helps men like Malcolm Carmine, who recently discovered he has no evidence of cancer after being diagnosed with Stage IV disease several years ago. It means more time for men like Steve Birdsall to spend with their families. It means helping to increase awareness and education, so men like John – who are survivors themselves – can be sure their sons know to get tested.

You’ve been generous with a gift to ZERO, a gift that helps fund research into new treatments and diagnostic tools, so women like Suzie have more time with brothers like Terry.


Why do you give to ZERO?

A $250 gift means personalized case management services for a man battling prostate cancer. This man could need help with any aspect of his battle, and your gift helps him get the help he needs.

We are so thankful for our ZERO community, our champions, and our donors and all we’ve been able to do together for men and their families this year. Did you know that thanks to generous donors, ZERO360 helped 448 patients this year, and helped patients get more than $181,000 in debt relief?

Your gift did that.

In 2017, ZERO Champions, supporters, and donors made it possible to achieve $90M in federal research funding for prostate cancer.

As we look to 2018, one in eight men will be diagnosed with the disease. We will have lost 26,730 men in 2017. How can we fix this? We work together to get that number to ZERO.

Your gift did that. And you’re the reason we are so excited to open the mail.